Dicey is now available for Palm Pre/2 (WebOS 1.4.5 or higher).


Want to play a game? Lost the die (or dice)? No worries! Dicey's here!

With Dicey your Pre becomes a set of virtual dice.

Need one di? You need Dicey
Need upto 10? You need Dicey
Need dice with pips from 4 to 100 (d4 to d100)? You need Dicey
Need D&D with modifiers? You need Dicey
Need Fudge dice? You need Dicey

Whatever you need, if it's dice related, you need Dicey*

Need it for FREE, GRATIS, NOTHING? You need Dicey.

* Losing the dice under the sofa not included.
* Dicey does not currently suppport multiple di types in one roll


Dicey (c) 2011 Ian Price.