Ken2X is available for Palm Pre/2 and TouchPad.


The classic brain-training puzzle game KenKen, enjoyed by millions around the world, arrives with style exclusively on your Pre/Pre2.
This unofficial version of the famous puzzle game (as seen in The Times, The Daily Mail and hundreds of daily newspapers around the world) is a brain-boosting challenge that will have you addicted in no time. With a gameplay mechanic similar to Sudoku each puzzle is a brain straining and training exercise in logic.

The Media states that the original game is -
- "The Most addictive puzzle since Sudoku" (Will Shortz NY Times)
- "Sneakily addictive" (PocketGamer)
- "My latest puzzle love" (Stephen Shankland CNET)

The game features -
- An infinite number of puzzles (based around multiple cage systems)
- Gridsizes from 3 to 6 - Easy to follow stage by stage tutorial
- Optional Operator parameters (all operators or multiply/addition only)
- Variable themes - Music and sound options
- 3 clue "Hint system"
- Pencil & Eraser system
- The best version of the classic puzzler available on ANY mobile system.

So can you... ? Of course you Ken2X!


B'lox! (c) 2006 - 2011 Ian Price.